About Me - Transcendental Nature Photography

As a photographer I am both a witness and interpreter of nature. My goal is to capture the essence of the landscape through the lens of my inner vision. I started my photographic journey at an early age with a simple goal to share my vision of the incredible landscapes I was witnessing on my many backpacking and hiking trips. Although I have evolved as a photographer over the years and am now making use of this great social media tool, my goal remains the same--to share my vision with as wide of audience as possible. My hope is that in doing this I will inspire others to visit wilderness areas and national parks, increasing awareness of the need to protect our wild areas. My motto as a photographer is the same as the Sierra Club-to leave no trace, respecting the landscape I am photographing, keeping it pristine for future generations. Julia and I and our 14 year old daughter live in Fairwood, Washington where the foothills of the cascades are literally right out our front door. I often lead hikes for children deep into the cascades helping cultivate the appreciation of the outdoors in our next generation.  I offer one on one photography instruction and workshops for those interested in improving their composition and processing skills.   Once a year I also lead a group photography hiking field trip to Mt. Rainier through the Seattle Mountaineers.  I have several instructional, inspirational and destination guides on my blog and appear as a key not speaker several times a year a photography clubs and meetups.  My work has been recognized by Nature's Best/Smithsonian (finalist and top 100 in the Wilderness Forever Contest), National Geographic (published),  Outdoor Photographer (finalist in Nature's Colors Contest),  Washington Wild (1st place in 2018) and Landscape Photographer Magazine. My best recognition, however, comes from individuals like yourself who take the time to comment on my work. Happy Trails!

Photo Backpacking in the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area

Backpacking in the Enchantments, Photo Credit Jennifer Grand

Its me in action at Seal Rock, Oregon! Photo Credit Candace Dyar

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