Instruction - Transcendental Nature Photography

$500 One Day Workshop Including Sunset

$900 Two Day Workshop (can be on separate days)

* Skype $50 for first hour, $90 for two hours.

Call me for a Custom Workshop Quote

*  20% Discount to Senior Citizens, Veterans, Students & People  with  Disabilities

*  Image Critiques: One Image $25, Three Images $60.  

I offer customized instruction to fit your needs on a one on one basis at either my house or your house and or in the field. My rate is $50 an hour plus consideration for travel time, or $500 for an entire day including sunset.   I also offer a two day one on one workshop for $900, with one day dedicated to   hiking in the wilderness (including sunset) with in the field photography instruction, and a second day of post processing instruction and coaching (at my home) using the images from the previous day.     I also offer instruction or consultation via Skype.    All Instruction can be tailored to your needs.   Possible subjects include Transcendental Nature Photography(c), field technique, post processing, camera  technique, composition, creativity and finding your photographic vision.  Contact me at or 425-919-3083 for more information or to discuss further how I can help you with your photographic and creative needs.

Image Critiques:  All image critiques are done in a manner that is consistent with your expectations for the image.  I will provide a link to upload your JPEG or TIFF File.    Email me at or text me at 425-919-3083 for more information.

Image processing  from a raw file available upon request.


"The one on one photography instruction I received from Erwin was exactly what I wanted to fill a specific gap in my knowledge.  Erwin took me through a step by step process starting with how to set up my camera and then on to how to post process my images to achieve the desired goal.  I was surprised by the amount of material we were able to cover in one session.  I successfully applied my knowledge right away because of one on one personalized instruction I received from Erwin."  Patti

"Erwin is great and very generous with his considerable knowledge and skill.  Erwin was very attentive to all participants' questions and concerns. The advice he gave, or opportunities that he pointed out were extremely helpful, especially to this novice landscape photographer."

"Erwin, I wanted to send you a brief note following yesterday's workshop. I thoroughly appreciated your insight and coaching through the day. Beyond just the photography, it was fun to be in the backcountry and spend some time connecting with nature. Thanks for the help with the new Sony. I walked away with some really good images, and I am excited to work on the post-processing. Given my new foray into Luminosity Masks and other Photoshop techniques, it will definitely be an experience. I may take you up with some questions as I get deeper into PS - given my crazy work schedule this week. Thank you again. Best regards, Tim"

" Erwin, I just wanted to drop you a quick note so say thank you for the workshop. I felt immersed in learning new photographic techniques in a beautiful place with a guide that made it easy to "see" and experience scenes that would have taken me much longer to find and compress all that into one day. It was intense and exhausting but in a good way. 😊 Now I have a greater understanding of the hard work that you put into your "craft" and an even greater appreciation of how you are continually becoming a master at what you do. I look forward to incorporating the skills I learned in this workshop (and previous ones) into my photography. The more I learn, the more I am able to truly convey what I see and feel in a scene and that is always my primary intention."

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