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Erwin enjoys sharing his stories, knowledge and providing inspiration to others at speaking engagements, presentations, and podcasts.   Erwin has made many  presentations at camera clubs and recently was the keynote Speaker at the annual meeting of the Northwest Council of Camera Clubs where he was also a primary judge in their photography competition.    Erwin has also been a featured guest for several popular photography podcasts.

2021 Interview : We Talk Photo

I had the honor recently to be interviewed by the two hosts of the We Talk Photo Podcast-- John Pedersen and Jack Graham, both excellent Photographers and Workshop Leaders from the PNW. I appreciated their low key and somewhat down home folksy style for conducting the interview that made for some excellent conversation!  

We talked about a variety of subjects including what brought me to nature and photography, some of my philosophy and beliefs that guide my approach to photography, and the importance of finding places to photograph and experience nature close to home. Please give the podcast a listen and also check out some of their other episodes with some of my favorite photographers!  Here is the link to this podcast interview.

We Talk Photo with Erwin Buske

September's Golden Rays

The Art and Craft of Landscape and Conservation Photography

In this video interview with Peggy Ferren of the Understand Photography Show "Erwin Buske gives us great insight into composition, including going into detail on near/far compositions. We discuss ways photographers can help bring awareness to conservation efforts."   Here is the link to the video interview.

The Art and Craft of Landscape and Conservation Photography

Early Winter Magic

Finding Your Vision In Landscape Photography

In this podcast episode hosted by Matt Payne of F-Stop Collaborate and Listen, Erwin talks about his personal journey as a photographer and finding your own photographic vision. 

Finding Your Vision in Landscape Photography

Tda-ko-buh-ba Sunrise

Inspirational Talks and Presentations

I am available to make inspirational and instructional presentations at Photography Clubs, Meetups, Schools, Podcasts, Conferences,  etc.   I have substantial experience doing this at multiple camera clubs.   I have existing presentations that can be tailored to your needs including:

(1) Photographic Adventures in Washington and the Pacific Northwest

(2) Sources of Inspiration and Finding Your Photographic Vision

(3) Hiking and Backpacking and Landscape Photography

(4) The Tao and Zen of Nature Photography

(5) Mystery: The Holy Grail of Nature Photography

(7) Freedom through Limitations: Going out into the Field with just One Lens.

(8) Composition: Creating Images with Lasting Impact

These presentations can be given in person or if you prefer through a Zoom session.  The presentations usually begin with introductions, a short slide show synced to music, the inspirational and or instructional message, and questions and answers. I can also work with you to construct a presentation that is best aligned to your needs. I am also available to talk to groups that are not necessarily photographers to use my images to introduce such subjects such as Mystery, Creativity and Nature, the Tao and Zen, and Finding Your Own Walden Pond. Contact me at 425-919-3083 or to discuss your needs, costs and arrange a date for the presentation!


"Great presentation and meeting, very much enjoyed sharing the time."  Noel NNWP 2020

"Thank you so much for your great presentation last night. My wife and I really enjoyed it. You inspired me to get out there and find my inspiration again! "

"I was honored to finally get to meet you after viewing your work for the last few years. I found you at the beginning of my photography journey and you have truly been inspirational! Thank you for your awesome presentation! We all enjoyed it very much!" Mandi

"So happy you came to speak to our photo club! Awesome presentation!" Suzzy

"Thank You for your visit and presentation Erwin, you’re images were enjoyed by everyone and were inspirational." Lonny

"It was great hearing you speak last night Erwin..thanks again!!" Judi

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