Workshops and Apprenticeship Program

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I offer a variety of services to both share my knowledge and help you progress on your photographic journey. These services include everything from private workshops to personalized coaching through zoom, along with more long term apprenticeship programs.   Specifically I offer:  (1) a one day  private  workshop to either Deception Pass State Park or the Federated Forest ,  (2) two day private workshops to specific locations at ideal times, (3) a multiday private and  customized workshop to the Oregon Coast (4) a one year apprenticeship program,  (5) a one year monthly check-in program via zoom, (6) post processing instruction via Zoom, (6) Personalized Coaching,  and (7) Speaking engagements/presentations at any venue.  You can find my complete price list here.  Workshop prices do not include overnight accommodations or meals.  To discuss a path for your personal development as a photographer schedule a complimentary consultation via zoom with me here Initial Consultation


All Instruction will  be tailored to your needs which we will discuss prior to the workshop. Many of my clients have booked multiple sessions with me as we worked  together  over a period of  time to develop their skills and a personally expressive photographic vision.  Workshop areas of focus that can be tailored to your needs  include:  field technique, composition, basic and advanced post processing, developing a personally expressive photographic style, putting mood and emotion into images, tapping into sources of creativity, telling stories through just images or images and  narratives, focus stacking, exposure blending, perspective blending, and growing a photography business as a side gig.   If you  would like to chat more about my instruction offerings you can schedule an initial consultation via zoom,  or  email me at if you prefer, or call/text me on 425-919-3083.

During the current Pandemic all workshops are conducted with an abundance of caution and in accordance with Washington  State and Oregon  current requirements.    

Erwin Buske Photography (DBA) is a licensed and insured business for conducting workshops. Erwin Buske Photography currently has Commercial Use Permits to conduct workshops in Washington State Parks and is a licensed Oregon Outfitter Guide.   Erwin Buske Photography is certified by the American Red Cross in First Aid/CPR/AED.  Erwin Buske Photography is a Nature First Bronze Partner and is committed to preserving and protecting natural environments and all workshops practice Leave No Trace and Nature First Principles.


Early Winter Magic

Private Workshops

I offer Private Workshops at ideal times in beautiful locations with major opportunities to create images with lasting impact.  Find a second person who is interested, and the per person cost will be reduced by about  30%.                                                                                               

Deception Pass Workshop (Wednesdays and Thursdays) Year Round, Name Your Date)

Join me on a one day workshop to photograph the beauty of Deception Pass State Park including some little known vantage points.  The workshop is offered in three tracks: beginning, intermediate and advanced.  The beginning track is intended for those just starting out on their photographic journey who want to learn the basics of camera operation including the exposure triangle and focusing, along with the basics of composition and post processing in Lightroom.  The intermediate level is intended for those already familiar with the basics of photography but want to take their journey to a more advanced level including focus stacking and exposure blending and developing their personal photographic vision.  The advanced track is for those well along in their photographic and artistic journey but who would like to get exposure to my personal process for image creation and also receive some additional support in exploring new avenues for moving in the direction of their creative dreams .     We will meet at  10AM at the Rosario Beach Parking Lot just outside the gate (because it closes at dusk and we will still be photographing then).  We will take about a 2 to 6 mile hike through the park depending on your comfort level and opportunities which may slow us down!  We will photography a wide variety of scenes, everything from the grand landscape to more intimate scenes including some  seldom visited spots.  We will stay until sunset and into the blue hour hiking out with headlamp.  The workshop is priced at $500 and includes 2 hours post processing  and or image review at a later date using Zoom.  You can book your Deception Pass Workshop here.                             

Deception Pass Dreams

The Hidden Forest One Day Workshop (Wednesdays and Thursdays Year Round)

When we walk through a forest oftentimes we feel a sense of peace and calm with our close connection to the wonders and beauty of nature that surrounds us. We have difficulty, however, transferring to our images what we experienced in our minds eye through our flashes of perception. In this workshop I will work with you on how to do this more successfully. This process has been described by many as creating order out of chaos, and this analogy does have some validity that we will explore. But we will also go deeper than this, beyond projecting our own conceptions of order onto the forest, to developing a more organic awareness and skill set to capture the very essence and heart of the forest. This process will result in more impactful images that more closely match what we experienced in our flashes of perception and in our mind's eye. We will meet at the Federated Forest State Park close to Greenwater Washington,  or Oxbow Bend of the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River.   We will explore one of these  beautiful parks and surrounding areas. Although for some these areas may not be associated with Iconic beauty, I have found that most of my clients actually learn more here than at areas more keyed up for that iconic but also very common photograph. Take your photography to new levels and join me in bringing to life your image of the Hidden Forest! This oneday workshop is priced at $500 and includes 2 hours post processing and or image review at a later date using Zoom.

Small Stream in a Hemlock Forest

2021 and 2022 Cape Disappointment State Park Washington (December through February 2 day workshop)

Join me for a Two Day Private Workshop at beautiful and moody Cape Disappointment State Park on the Pacific Ocean and the mouth of the Columbia River.    This area abounds in natural beauty including headlands, old growth forest, two lighthouses, inspiring coast hikes, and a cove with an island and a lone tree.  Session includes two sunsets and one sunrise. Session also includes  post processing instruction  along with discussions of creativity, composition, and finding your own photographic vision.    Special Price $900.   Find a second person and I will reduce the per person cost to $650.        

Let the Light Always Be With You

2022 Two Day Private Workshop Columbia Gorge Wildflowers April 26-27, April 28-29

Join me for a Two Day Private Workshop in the Columbia Gorge including Washington's Columbia Hills, select areas (some not so well known) on the Oregon side of the Columbia Gorge.     Session includes two sunsets and one sunrise.  During  mid-day down time there will be opportunities for image review, post processing, and discussions of creativity, composition, and finding your own photographic vision.    Workshop also includes also a 90 minute post processing zoom session at a letter date.  Special Price $900.  Find a second person and I will reduce the per person cost to $650.          

Phlox and Sun Flowers in Paradise

2022 Two Day Private Workshop in the Palouse May 24-25 , May 26-27 (Note Roadwork to Steptoe Butte will not start until June so this workshop is a go.

Join me for a Two Day Private Workshop in the Palouse  including Steptoe Butte  with possible additional visits to Kamiak Butte and Palouse  Falls.  Experience Sunrise and Sunset from Steptoe Butte, photography the patterns of wheat fields, wild flowers, lone trees, barns, and a waterfall.  Session includes two sunsets and one sunrise. Session includes post processing instruction  during any mid-day down time along with discussions of creativity, composition, and finding your own photographic vision.   Special Price $900.  Find a second person and I will reduce the per person cost to $650.                                                        


Palouse Lupine Dreams

2022 Two Day Private Workshop to Silver Falls State Park Oregon October 15-16

Join me for a Two Day Private Workshop at beautiful Silver Falls State Park in Autumn. Hike the trail of Ten Falls photographing the iconic falls, fall foliage, moss, rivers and streams in ideal light. The recommended accommodation will be the Oregon Garden where there are additional photographic opportunities. Session includes two sunsets and one sunrise. Session includes post processing instruction along with discussions of creativity, composition, and finding your own photographic vision. Special Price $900. Find a second person and I will reduce the per person cost to $65

Golden Shower of Light


Oregon Coast Three Day Workshop Spring May 16-18, May 19-21, Summer June 28-30 2022, Autumn October 18-20 2022

The Oregon Coast offers some of the most beautiful beaches, sea stacks and headlands.      Although our  workshop will be headquartered out of  beautiful Bandon beach  with accommodations at the well located Table Rock Motel, we will take excursions to beaches both north and south from there.   Excursions at a minimum will include Shore Acres State Park and Samuel Boardman State Park.   We will structure an itinerary that supports your personal vision and where you want to go with your photography.  The cost is $1,400 for three days.    Find a 2nd  person and I will reduce these rates by 30%.  Workshop includes 2 hours post processing via zoom at a later date.   The price include all instruction, and transportation during the workshop.  The price does not include transportation to the workshop, overnight accommodations,  or meals.  

Tide Pools of the Setting Sun

Apprenticeship Program (Open)

For those interested in developing their skills over a one-year period of time I am now offering a one-on-one apprenticeship where you will join me on three outings.  These include our introduction one day workshop at Deception Pass and your choice of two additional 2-day workshops.  During the apprenticeship we will also schedule monthly check-ins lasting 90 minutes each to work with you to help reach your goals and grow your photographic skill set.  These monthly check-ins are through Zoom and the preferred approach is for you to bring up your raw images which we will discuss, and I will assist you in processing in real time.  I find this technique where you are in the driver's seat is by far the best approach for growing your post processing skill set.  In addition to post processing, the apprenticeship will also focus on composition, creating images with mood and impact, and your own creative growth.  I am also available throughout the course of the year for answering real time questions and providing guidance not to exceed 8 hours (in addition to the monthly sessions).   The Prerequisite for entry into the apprenticeship program is the successful completion of the Deception Pass one day workshop.  The $5oo cost of the Deception Pass workshop can be used as a down payment on the apprenticeship program.    This will help ensure that participation in the apprenticeship program is right for you.  The cost for this one-year apprenticeship is $3,200 and this includes an up-front consultation where we will put together an outline for the apprenticeship that addresses your needs and goals. Most photography workshops involve a quick in and out experience that can limit learning, but this apprenticeship will home in on where you are as a photographer and I will work with you over an extended period of time to help you work toward your goals. This approach that includes follow-up over an extended period of time is much more conducive to effective learning than what you will find in a workshop of limited time duration.  I will limit the number of apprentices I sponsor to 5, ensuring that each photographer has a quality one on one experience with good access to me as guide and resource for your development.  

Monthly Check-Ins (Open)

The Monthly Check-In program is designed for those who would like some of the benefit of the Apprenticeship Program but do not want to make a commitment of attending three in the field workshops. We will work together over a one-year period of time to help you progress on your photographic and artistic journey.    In the Monthly Check-In program, I will schedule monthly Zoom meetings where we can check in on your progress and I can assist you online in the review and processing of your images.  This program includes a two-hour initial meeting where we can discuss areas where you would like to improve and agree upon your customized goals and objectives for the Check-In program.  The program includes 12 90 minute Zoom meetings and the cost is $1,200.    This is an excellent choice for those wanting to take their photography to the next level through learning such skills as using layer masks, luminosity selections, focus stacking, exposure and perspective blending.  It is also a great choice for those who also want to work on the more artistic and expressive aspects of photography including composition, balance, harmony, tension and drama.  Although not a prerequisite, it is recommended that you first participate in a private workshop at Deception Pass which is an additional $500.   Call or text me on 425-919-3083 , or email at if you are interested or would like to find out more.

Erwin Buske Photography (DBA) is a licensed and insured business for conducting workshops. Erwin Buske Photography currently has Commercial Use Permits/Permission to conduct workshops in Washington State Parks and is a licensed Oregon Outfitter Guide .  Erwin Buske Photography  is certified by the American Red Cross in First Aid/CPR/AED.   Erwin Buske Photography is a Nature First Bronze Partner and is committed to preserving and protecting natural environments and all workshops practice Leave No Trace and Nature First Principles.

Personalized Coaching

Personalized coaching includes four 90-minute coaching sessions via Zoom over a period of time of two months where we work together to help you progress toward achieving your goal or set of goals.  We will meet online prior to the sessions to outline a program that will be customized to your wants and needs.   The coaching sessions are intended to be well focused on just one or a small set of goals so we can use the time more effectively.  This will also help you realize progress in reaching your goals.    The cost for these four sessions including upfront consultation is $500.  The cost for a single session is $150.  You can book your coaching session/s at this link Personalized Coaching


"The one on one photography instruction I received from Erwin was exactly what I wanted to fill a specific gap in my knowledge. Erwin took me through a step by step process starting with how to set up my camera and then on to how to post process my images to achieve the desired goal. I was surprised by the amount of material we were able to cover in one session. I successfully applied my knowledge right away because of one on one personalized instruction I received from Erwin." Patti

"I've been interested in photography for a long time, carrying a camera with me on walks and trail rides for years. I decided I wanted to learn more and go beyond snapshots. After about a year of watching some videos, etc. I felt I needed some help and guidance. I believe that if you want to learn something hire the best. Enter: Erwin Buske, a wonderful landscape photographer from the Seattle area. Last May I met him in the Palouse for a two day, 1:1 workshop and it was exactly what I wanted & needed. In the past year I've done 3 workshops with Erwin and I've become one of his apprentice students. His guidance, patience, encouragement and support to find my own style has been life-changing. I sometimes wish I had started earlier in life, but it has been the perfect endeavor at the best time." April

"Erwin is great and very generous with his considerable knowledge and skill. Erwin was very attentive to all participants' questions and concerns. The advice he gave, or opportunities that he pointed out were extremely helpful, especially to this novice landscape photographer."

"Erwin, I wanted to send you a brief note following yesterday's workshop. I thoroughly appreciated your insight and coaching through the day. Beyond just the photography, it was fun to be in the backcountry and spend some time connecting with nature. Thanks for the help with the new Sony. I walked away with some really good images, and I am excited to work on the post-processing. Given my new foray into Luminosity Masks and other Photoshop techniques, it will definitely be an experience. I may take you up with some questions as I get deeper into PS - given my crazy work schedule this week. Thank you again. Best regards, Tim"

" Erwin, I just wanted to drop you a quick note so say thank you for the workshop. I felt immersed in learning new photographic techniques in a beautiful place with a guide that made it easy to "see" and experience scenes that would have taken me much longer to find and compress all that into one day. It was intense and exhausting but in a good way. 😊 Now I have a greater understanding of the hard work that you put into your "craft" and an even greater appreciation of how you are continually becoming a master at what you do. I look forward to incorporating the skills I learned in this workshop (and previous ones) into my photography. The more I learn, the more I am able to truly convey what I see and feel in a scene and that is always my primary intention." "Many thanks to Erwin Buske @erwinbuskephotography.

If you want to take a photo workshop in Wasington with a talented, dedicated photographer, Erwin is my recommendation." Steve from San Diego

Erwin Buske's landscape images caught my attention nearly two years ago. Not only is he able to capture nature in a special way, but his passion, love and respect for it is obvious and made me take notice. When I had an opportunity to do a 1 1/2 day photography workshop with Erwin in the Palouse I jumped at the opportunity. As a beginner I learned a lot and hope to continue to have him as a mentor, teacher and advisor. 

The photography knowledge just oozes out of Erwin. Very kind of him to lead this type of trip. So calm. So many different vantage points to shoot so many photos.

Erwin is a very talented photographer and generously shared his knowledge of composition.

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